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There is a divergence of businesses and resources from South Africa. Are you part of the movement? Are you thinking about migrating your business to another jurisdiction? JurisTax can help you achieve that objective.

Retention of foreign currency outside South Africa

South Africa has had and continues to produce an impressive number of entrepreneurs.  One of the fears of our entrepreneurs is to watch the fruits of their hard labour being stripped down by the retention of funds in South African Rands.

Whilst South African Exchange Controls have been significantly relaxed since the reformation of exchange control, commenced in 1997, there seems to be a general concern, that the limits available to individuals may be curtailed due to the debt owed by the South African government.  The debt currently amounts to approximately USD 268 million (Source – https://commodity.com/data/south-africa/debt-clock/) and is viewed by many economists as being unsustainable.

It has therefore become imperative and vital for South Africans to consider taking measures to retain their currency outside South Africa. Here is where Mauritius comes into play.  Given the close proximity of Mauritius to South Africa, more South Africans are choosing to use Mauritius as a lifeline.

Indeed, more and more South African residents have resorted to the adoption of trusts set up in Mauritius to protect their businesses from adverse South African tax implications.

Mauritius, a home away from home

In addition to the retention of foreign currency outside South Africa, many South Africans have either structured their off-shore investments via Mauritius or have opted to live in Mauritius. One of the advantages of choosing Mauritius is that residency may be granted in a few weeks and in a number of ways.

The options available are:

  • Acquisition of immovable property in Mauritius costing at least USD 375, 000; 
  • By way of a retiree permit, available to persons of 50 years and older. (Only one of the spouses needs to be at least 50 years of age); or
  • Investment in Mauritius where a minimum investment of USD 50, 000 and annual turnover of MUR 4M per annum are required.

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