Business Activities

Investment Holding

An investment holding company is a vehicle that owns assets or an interest in other companies, but does not conduct any actual business activities or produce goods or services. It earns income in the form of dividends, rent, or interest from its investments.

An investment holding company can hold shares of various companies in different sectors such as mining, oil & gas, tourism, marine, tobacco.

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International Trading

International trading is the purchase and sale of goods by companies in different countries. Consumer goods, raw materials, food, and machinery all are bought and sold in the international marketplace.

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Trademark Registration

Intellectual Property (IP) refers to intangible “creations of the mind” including inventions, game-changing ideas, literary or artistic works, work processes, brands or an innovative product. Trademark owners protect their IP at an early stage to grant them exclusive rights and prevent another business from using the same trademark. They also earn the recognition they deserve for their creativity.

JurisTax guides you through all the steps, from identifying what constitutes a trademark, to registering it, and finally, monetising it in a way that creates value for your business and brand, now and in the future.

Setting up Consultancy Services

JurisTax can help you set up a company that meets your needs if you provide consultancy services in sectors such as Information Technology, Telecommunications, Oil & Gas, Mining, Constructions, Shipping, Tourism, etc.