Private Clients

We provide tailored solutions for private clients classified as High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI), families and/or entrepreneurs. Our services aim to protect and preserve the personal wealth/assets that they have accumulated over the years and ensure that they are managed properly and safely.

We also assist our clients with succession planning, i.e. the smooth transition of wealth and/or assets to the next generation. Additionally, we ensure that our clients who have philanthropic objectives can achieve a real impact with their donations.

Different types of entities can be set up to cater for their needs for which we provide services. These include:


Set up a trust in Mauritius
A legal arrangement where a trustee holds and manages assets for beneficiaries. Trusts can be discretionary, non-discretionary, charitable, purpose, or employee benefits.


Set up a foundation
A legal entity that pursues a social, cultural, educational, or philanthropic objective. Foundations can be charitable or non-charitable.

Family Office Scheme

Set up a Family Office
The Family Office license caters to the domiciliation of high-net-worth single-family and multifamily offices, characterized by two licenses: the Family Office (Single) license (SFO) and the Family Office (Multiple) license (MFO).

Private Trust Company (PTC)

Set up a Private Trust Company
A privately owned company that acts as trustee of one or more family trusts.

Our services

Our team of experts offers the following services to our private clients, tailored to their specific needs:


We offer comprehensive strategic advice to our clients on both current and future projects, guiding them to choose the optimal structure that best aligns with their objectives.

Entity Formation

We facilitate the entire process of setting up the entities, from incorporation to the opening of the corporate bank account. Do you wish to set up a company, trust, fund or foundation in Mauritius? Contact us now!

Company Secretarial and Administration

We handle the management and administration of the entity, ensuring compliance with the relevant laws and regulations. JurisTax also acts as trustee and director (where applicable) for the entity.

Accounting and Regulatory Reporting

We offer a range of accounting and reporting services, including maintaining accounting records, preparing financial statements in accordance with IFRS Standards, issuing invoices, preparing management accounts, calculating and filing taxes for corporates, individuals, and trusts, and ensuring compliance with reporting standards such as CRS and FATCA, among others.

About Us

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We derive our edge from being impartial, prioritizing our clients and providing them with tailored solutions that address their needs. We are dedicated to delivering unbiased and high-quality solutions that help our clients succeed.


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