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  • Compliance Services

JurisTax offers compliance services for businesses operating in a globalized environment with stringent regulations. We assist you in meeting various requirements to avoid penalties or reputational damage.

Covering all legal practice areas, we provide high-quality assistance that adheres to the highest international standards. Collaborating with businesses of all sizes and across industries, we help anticipate and manage risks through diligent oversight and effective risk management.

Entity Formation
  • Payroll

Payroll outsourcing is the solution for businesses that want to meet their legal obligations and pay their employees on time, regardless of their location. Filing returns accurately and on time can prevent financial penalties, loss of goodwill, or employee dissatisfaction.

At JurisTax, we are experts in labour and taxation laws in the countries where we operate. We keep up with the constant changes in regulations and help you comply with best-in-class practices. Our specialists work as part of your team, gathering and processing information for each pay period, calculating monthly payroll and statutory deductions, issuing payslips, and optimising your internal processes.

  • Work & Live in Mauritius

JurisTax offers services to assist foreign nationals who want to work and live in Mauritius. The island paradise is a leading destination for tourists, but also for investors, businesses, families, and retirees, who dream of its sandy beaches, tropical climate, beautiful landscapes, and diverse culture. Mauritius is also a strategic location for trade, with an ideal time zone, a large network of double-taxation treaties, a conducive business environment, political stability, international banks and schools, and enabling regulatory frameworks. Mauritius has a qualified and bilingual workforce that supports its growth as a world-class business hub.


JurisTax can help you relocate to Mauritius without all the administrative hassle. For this, we provide the following services:

  • Obtaining the appropriate permits for you and your dependents, such as Premium Visa, Occupation Permit, Resident Retired Non-Citizen Permit, or Permanent Residence Permit
  • Purchasing or renting a residential property that grants you residency status under specific conditions
  • Buying or renting a car
  • Enrolling your children at school
  • Relocating your pet.

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