What sets us apart


Our Impartiality

JurisTax is a Management Company (Corporate services and tax advisory firm) in Mauritius, founded in 2008 by Mrs. Nishi Kichenin. She is a visionary leader who recognized the changing financial needs of our clients in a dynamic financial world. We derive our edge from being impartial, prioritizing our clients and providing them with tailored solutions that address their needs. We are dedicated to delivering unbiased and high-quality solutions that help our clients succeed.


Our Guiding Values

Our skilled team is unwavering in upholding our enduring set of values—integrity, trust, loyalty, and respect—in a fast-evolving world. Across roles, our members are dedicated to embodying these values in their interactions, client engagements, and personal conduct, even when no one is watching.


Our Team of Experts

Our highly skilled professionals, with proven track records, serve as the cornerstone of our services, delivering expertise, innovation, and excellence. The diversity within our team—spanning cultures, academic disciplines, and geographical origins—constitutes our unique strength. This empowers us to accompany our clients through the complexities of business, ensuring tailored solutions that drive our clients’ success.


Our Network

We leverage our extensive global network of professionals to deliver exceptional service to our clients. Our diverse connections enable us to access a variety of perspectives and insights, empowering us to deliver strategic solutions tailored to the unique needs of our clients.


Our Collaborative DNA

We foster a collaborative culture that values the diversity of our team members and their contributions. At all levels of the hierarchy in our organization, we encourage everyone to share their insights and opinions, creating a vibrant pool of ideas. This culture of openness and respect is the key to our success, enabling individuals to grow and work together towards our common goals.


Our International Footprint

We have a robust global presence spanning eight countries (Mauritius, Rwanda, UAE, Singapore, China, South Africa, Delaware & India), engaging with diverse markets. Leveraging our insights and resources, we provide customized solutions tailored to specific needs. This expansive network gives us the ability to overcome barriers, ensuring our clients receive exceptional service and strategic benefits on a global scale.


Our Solutions

We offer a diverse array of products and services, leveraging our global presence across multiple jurisdictions. From the initial setting up of entities to ensuring their smooth operations, we provide tailored solutions that precisely meet the evolving needs of our clients in today’s dynamic world, where the goalposts are constantly shifting.