Why should you consider to set-up your business in Dubai?

United Arab Emirates: A Vibrant Hub for Global Business and Innovation

United Arab Emirates is a dynamic and forward-thinking country. It constantly adapts its laws and regulations to match the best international standards.

Boasting a distinctive lifestyle, evolving technologies, vibrant social life, world class infrastructure and a tolerant regime, UAE is the cosmopolitan destination that tops everyone’s wish-list.


1. The business-friendly environment

Foremost, although Arabic is the official language of UAE, English language is pre-dominantly used for everyday communication.

UAE has a diverse community of expatriates (highly qualified, skilled and manual labour force) across various industries. With a strong banking system, state of the art transportation and technologies, businesses can expand effortlessly.

UAE has a strong, corrupt free and stable government that always thrive to provide incentives, facilities and safety to the business community and its resident expats. The government promotes various international events for business expansion.

With the ever-rapid development of technologies, starting a business in UAE has never been easier. Registering a company in UAE can be done 100% paperless and online via couple of steps.

UAE is famously known for its unconditional safety to individuals and business owners. With a strong police force and company laws, businesses and individuals can thrive.


2. Low fiscal framework

  • Corporate Taxation: Lowest corporate taxation regime with only 9% on profits with exemptions under the Small Business Relief Scheme. Companies with revenues under AED 3 million (Approx. USD 820,000) per year can apply under the scheme to be exempted from corporate taxation
  • Value Added Tax (VAT): 5%applicable once a company’s turnover exceeds USD 102,000
  • 0% personal income tax
  • 0% capital gains tax
  • 0% withholding tax on dividends or interests


3. Attractive corporate framework

  • Foreign Ownership: Company can be owned 100% by a foreign shareholder and managed 100% by a foreigner
  • No restrictions: No foreign exchange control and no restrictions on repatriation of funds allowing the businessman to remit funds back to his country of origin or do cross border payments in hard currencies easily
  • Residency Visa: Once a company is established in UAE (Mainland LLC or a Free Zone LLC), the shareholders, directors, manager and officers can easily apply for a residency visa. Once the visa is approved, the families of the main applicants can also apply for family visas


4. Centre of the world

Strategically located at the cross-roads of Europe, Africa, America and Asia, UAE remains the epitome of the world’s connectivity:

  • Emirates Airline: Connects to over 158 destinations in 85 countries
  • Modern port: UAE’s modern ports serve as a major financial and trading hub on the global index

Commuting goods, services or one-self physically in UAE is easy.


Join the Global Entrepreneurs in UAE

Entrepreneurs and businessmen from across the globe and other international financial centres such as Singapore, Hong Kong, UK, USA, Luxembourg and Switzerland have expanded their existing business operations and presence to UAE.



Juristax MENA, part of JurisTax Group, is a corporate service provider incorporated in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). We offer a range of services to both local and international clients:

  • Incorporation & registration
  • Re-domiciliation & migration
  • Bank account opening services
  • Application of special licenses / approvals
  • Accounting & bookkeeping support services
  • Wealth advisory & management services
  • Secretarial & corporate services
  • Compliance services (screening reports, internal control manual, independent audit, compliance officer & MLRO)
  • Visa applications and local services
  • Audit of investment portfolios
  • Fund Administration and Accounting

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